Just nice, pretty wrappings

Made at Flyingtiger, a nice story that I discovered last year in Iceland, but has a store in my hometown Leiden as well!

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We are having so much fun!
This weekend I’m on a unique trip: with my 2 sisters and mum.
Love, fun and laughter in Copenhagen!


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I baked a cake in a cup
I baked cakes in cups

And I made photos of them…






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Restyle your shirt!

Often I make things for others and actually most of the time for little others!
But this idea was already going through my head for a while and prefect for my size. I was inspired by her, Merrick has a great blog where she styles clothes a lot.

I transformed my t-shirt, one from Hema, by changing one sleeve and adding a pocket. And I am quite happy with the result!


20130731-113928.jpg  20130731-114012.jpg  20130731-114025.jpg

Just undo the sleeve and copy that on your new fabric. Sew it back together and you are done!

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Add cucumber!

A great summer drink!
Lime juice
Lemon juice
Fresh mint

And cucumber!

Mix a bit of everything, just how much you like it, add water and you’re done, a very yummy fresh summer drink.
I was inspired by this old pin on Pinterest.
There are so many great ideas on Pinterest, I still enjoy browsing it. Another summer drink that I would like to try is this one, pinned by culy.nl also a great website. It’s in the freezer at the moment…when it’s nice I write about it later.



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Count your blessings

Today I have counted my blessings several times, and some loved ones with me. Thank you!
*no images needed*

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Pick of the day~ city garden


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Garden party ~count your blessings

The 11th of May was a day when I counted my blessings. (like she does: Zilverblauw)
My oldest sister finished her studies for General Practitioner (doctor). After years of studying and a very rough period she managed to do this. We are all so proud of her, so my parents decided we would throw her a party! A relaxed and pure get-together, outside in their garden: dear friends, music and good food.

See? A nice garden, even with sun! Nice drinks, pretty flowers, a beautiful set table and great food (excellent biological catered by Jana – Deksels catering catering)

And we all missed him, at his place next to my sister… But despite this, my sister shined during her party.
So I counted my blessings.

Yesterday I planted the menu in my mini garden, a little joke of the caterer. ‘Plant it’ she said, and you will be surprised!


What a great reminder of this day! A Big thank you to everybody who helped and partied with us!!!!

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Mirror Monday (one day later)

I think: Blogging online enlarges your view to the world. You write about your daily things, but you also read along with others. Even if you don’t know each other in real, your thoughts are with other bloggers every once in a while. Some share happiness, some share sadness, today I join (although a day too late) MirrorMonday, initiated by Roos. She shares her braveness by looking in the mirror every Monday at RoosRustenRegelmaat (Dutch and English)
Yesterday it was the 100th times she looked in the mirror to keep seeing reality.
Roos, my thoughts are with you and your men!


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Very hungry caterpillar

Can you remember the Childhood memories blanket a few post ago?

I had some fabric left over and it was laying around for a while. Last weekend my sister planned a visit to a friend who is pregnant. She told me that she bought the book ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and that is where the idea for this project grew. A green zipper completed the supplies, the rest I still had. I sewed an inner cushion from an old bed sheet and stuffed it with the filling of an old pillow. The pillowcase is of course fabric leftover of the baby blanket.

The baby isn’t born yet but I hope (s)he will enjoy the Hungry Caterpillar story with this pillow on his/her bed!

Left over fabrics

Left over fabrics












Fleece back

Fleece back



The Hungry Caterpillar pillow

The Hungry Caterpillar pillow!







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Sew along BAG *27*

Boy o boy, a bag? A decent handbag I mean….pfff don’t know if I can pull that off. But the other choice of the sew along this month would be a cover for a book. And because I choose the easiest recipe the other,  it’s now time to be brave!
So that is how I motivated myself to start this project. And I had a cool combination of fabrics in my head, grey wool with bright yellow binding and a cotton with graphic print for the  lining…
Step by step I prepared the pattern, you draw it yourself for this bag, and cut the fabrics. In a bit more than one afternoon I managed to assemble the pieces and what a miracle: it really looks like a bag!
And may I please name the great detail of my nametag?! I ordered them online and enjoy using them for my sewingprojects, this is the first one!
Sew along Bag

The pattern comes from this book. You can find my Dutch blogpost for the project here.



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Onions grow funny!

Soon an update about my garden in the city!

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