One little hat…two little hats

An ugly circle...

This ugly circle eventually turned into something beautiful. My first project with the meaning to make it into a little hat.
In the meanwhile working on ‘the ugly circle’ a newborn and his mom would come and visit me. Because I thought ‘now I know how to make a hat’  I’ve started another striped one. I followed a tutorial from Youtube for a newborn baby beanie. So whilst the other project was still waiting for me, I hurried and made this one.

A striped baby beanie

But I made myself finish my projects, because it’s so nice to see the final results. So after the striped beanie I crochet a couple of hours again. When I got to the point that the circle was a beanie I wasn’t pleased with the style. Luckely my mom mentioned to go on and increasing stitches so the beanie would get an edge on it, and… I think it worked out very well! It’s now a nice hat for a little tomboy, a little girl in Germany. So together with a printed jumpsuit from the HEMA i’ve posted the hat, and now it is on it’s way. Hopefully it will fit her and she will like it!

A little hat

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