The story behind the picture

I would like to tell you the story behind the picture in the header.
It’s made during my travels through Australia at one of my favorite places. My love, a friend of him and me did a roadtrip on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. This route is famous and you might know it because one of the wonders of nature can be found there. The Great Ocean Road is the home of the Twelve Apostles (recognize it?).

Wreck Beach-Australia

The road along the Ocean is Great, with fabulous scenery is fantastically beautiful and dramatic. (I guess it’s obvious that I looooved it) The coastline is really dramatic, the sea is very blue, the rocks are high. We have visited all the highlights but we’ve also went off the trail…to try and find koala’s…and we’ve found them, plenty! Anyway, back to Wreck Beach.

In one of those tourist books I saw an rusty anchor at a random beach, and me as a fanatic sailor was determent to find that spot! Both of my fellow travelers weren’t keen but my love was the driver and supported my search.

Wreck Beach
And there it is…Wreck Beach!

A long walk followed (already worried about how to get UP the 366 steps again πŸ˜‰ ) and the search succeeded when we found the anchors. My love challenged himself photo-wise and I just sat there and enjoyed the view, the sound and the looks of the waves.

It is such a pitty that you all didn’t see it!

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One Response to The story behind the picture

  1. Eva says:

    Great story, can’t wait to read more!!

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