Let’s get to work! Like a granny I must say!

Spending my days in bed gives you plenty of time to think. Think about things that you would like to do and think about things you always wanted to do when you have time… In a certain way I do have a lot of time now, although I am very limited in executing the things I come up with.

Anyway, I found myself a hobby πŸ™‚
When you’re following this blog from the start you have seen it already: I crochet…like a granny! But I discovered a whole new world around this topic, and it’s trendier then you’d think!

Together with my rehabilitation project I have started a creative one: to crochet a blanket. A blanket made out of little squares, type granny squares. And I’m not kidding, that is what the style is called!
So I’ve ordered cotton and received it recently in the mail. All blues! O, and the first two squares…

Cotton First 2 granny squares

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5 Responses to Let’s get to work! Like a granny I must say!

  1. Eva says:

    Very cool colours!!

  2. Mara says:

    I was thinking of giving you the idea to make such a blanket for yourself πŸ™‚ they are soooo cool! Great colours indeed.

  3. Mara says:

    I had to think about you when I saw this:

    Maybe an idea for a next project? πŸ™‚

  4. creationwest says:

    By now I have 12+5 squares…so it might take a while before I can start another big project. But it’s definitely very cool!

  5. Very nice to read your blog! A new one in my list of
    favourites! πŸ™‚ Could you please tell me where you got/ordered that
    nice cotton? I’m still looking for an adress to order some nice and
    affordable colours!

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