Warm little hands…

Since I’ve started to write this blog I am also following others. To share all this nice discoveries I have made links to a couple of them, You can find them in the right menu, scroll down and have a look! While you’re there, sing up for my blog, you’ll receive an email when a new post has been posted!
I’ve mentioned before that I’ve learned myself how to crochet, via the Internet, sooo 2010. It is really nice to visit blogs and take a peek into other lives, not only that, it’s also really inspiring!
You might have notice that I am talking about squares…granny squares. A lot of crochet websites explain how to make these, there are even tutorials on youtube! Just google crochet+granny square, et voila!
Good blogs have posted a disclaimer and good crafters are not steeling designs for anything other then using it for themselves. I am always trying to at least mention the website, if I copy something, fair enough I have to say.

So last week it happened…I ‘surfed’ into Annemarie’s breiblog her mittens week. Good timing, good research, nice variation, and good inspiration too: good work! And I found a pattern that I could use, here. But during one of my sleepless nights I already created an image in my head how the mittens should look like…so I used only the top-part of the pattern to get the right size. And no I’m gonna place a ridiculous amount of photo’s here, because I am sooo happy with the result!

A pair of baby mittens

A pair of baby mittens

And again


With velcro to close them

With velcro to close

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4 Responses to Warm little hands…

  1. Myrthe says:

    Wat mooi Immie!! Je kan al een hele etalage vullen met al je creaties, dus een webwinkel moet zeker lukken!! Ik wil wel wat promotie acties voor je opzetten hoor πŸ˜‰ Ik denk dat een advertentie in de abri aan de overkant van de straat niet zal misstaan! En misschien een gadget die je bij €15,- aan boodschappen krijgt bij de Appie op de hoek?
    Tot snel! Kus

  2. Sanne says:

    Nice, echt heel leuk!

  3. Bianca says:

    Deze zien er echt super professioneel uit! Kwam het volgende haakitem weer tegen in Ezeltje Prik (gratis kinderdagverblijfblaadje).
    Dikke x van ons

  4. Zo zo leuk! Helemaal schattig en toch stoer!

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