Creative explosion

Laying in bed most of the day isn’t too good for your creative balance, or at least not for mine. My brain is working late hours thinkingΒ about the accident about what to make next, and can I do this in bed? But…there is a big positive side to this all… In the rehabilitation is one of the session focussed on (for me) sitting up … longer. And I am doing much better when I am distracted. So they planned me on one of my hundred schedules into creative therapy *yeah*.
During the mornings no appointment is necessary so everybody is welcome to drop by in the classroom where all the material is. Some of my co-rehabilitants are just visiting for a cup of coffee and a chat, others to work on their artwork-beads necklace- drawing- birdhouse- painting etc. And me, I go there to find nice beads and of course to have coffee. At the moment my max time of sitting up is approximately 12 minutes so my visits are not that long. But once I have all the stuff I need, I can explode and go nuts… to find my creative balance!! So besides all my crochet work, and the reason why I’ve only made two granny squares last week… I am happy to present you the result of my little outburst.

'Lucky' key rings

'Lucky' key rings

Dummy cord

Dummy cord

Hand made rings

Hand made rings










Most of the key rings are already distributed amongst friends & family, the dummy cord is brought to my little friend. The hand made rings are inspired by the silver one on the picture. A friend of mine gave it to me as a present…and I thought, that is so cool, I can make that too…so I did…and I already gave a couple to others πŸ™‚ And the necklace is for my mum… (excuse me for the weird lightning on the photo’s)
In the weekend I have crochet a nice project, but I’ll tell you an other time about that.

Anyway I was telling you about the creative therapy! My love for beads is an old one, there was a period when I made a lot of bracelets and necklaces and I occasionally still do. During the creative therapy I can choose to make whatever I want, and seriously they have it all! I think this is heaven for the really die-hard crafters, although for real… it’s isn’t the nicest location/reason that you can think of. When the crea-lady showed me handmade beads I thought: yes, that is what I like to do! My old love arise…. And yesterday I’ve started to make ceramic beads. They have to dry for a week now and than the process will continue, I’ll keep you posted.

For the time being I combined my old love with my new one… a crochet dummy cord with beads!

Crochet + beads

Crochet + beads

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3 Responses to Creative explosion

  1. Eva says:

    …isn’t too good for your creative balance, or at least not for mine.” I don’t think I agree, seeing all does creations!!

  2. Ruth Sannes says:

    love all the new creations. very nice.

  3. Dieke says:

    Yes! I would buy/order from your webshop! The bead rings and lucky key rings are lovely!

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