Magic in Central Park – New York

After exactly 1 month writing this blog, I’ve started the 17th of october

I have 2000 page-views today!
A special rainbow to celebrate

Central Park NYC

Central Park NYC

A bit over three years ago, when my sisters and myself all graduated we got invited by my parents to visit New York City! It was a great trip of which I have dear memories.
You all know my passion for rainbows by now…I guess this is the best one in my collection, or at least made by someone who I know. My sister in law mentioned this one yesterday and sent it my email, thank you! Click to enlarge, it is real, no photoshop, it’s brilliant! Don’t you think so?

Besides the rainbow I guess some real magic is happening in Central Park…I already know two couples for whom this was the place for a wedding proposal!!!!!

Smile smile, enjoy the rainbow my lovely readers….!

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1 Response to Magic in Central Park – New York

  1. Stef says:

    Love is in the air!! And so is the rainbow…

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