Crochet for charity

Knit for India

Knit for India

Today  I am gonna start crocheting a baby beanie for charity. Already four people made me aware of this great action, when the fifth one came to me yesterday I’ve decided straight away: I am gonna join!
The charity is called “Brei voor India” which means Knit for India. Click on the photo to enter their website. A summary tells you that there are over 375 million children living in India. Every year a number of 2 million new-born’s and little children die because of hypothermia. Just a simple beanie can prevent this. That is why the charity organization Safe the Children started this action.

Please spread the word and join! On the website there is even a short movie to learn how to knit a baby beanie. Because I am still in bed, I choose to crochet. I think the babies in India won’t notice the difference!

I just have to find myself some wool…If you have something leftover you can send it to me, hahaha! The wool has to contain a % of pure wool, so not 100% acrylic (because of fire danger in the small huts where they live in) and bright colours are preferred! (white and beige are colours of death and black is hardly ever used in India).

I’ll just start with one beanie, but the last items will be send in February 2011.

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1 Response to Crochet for charity

  1. Ruth Sannes says:

    what a great idea. you’re amazing

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