I got spoiled!

Yesterdays visitor brought home made coffee, with fresh cookies! Sooo much better than coffee from the machine. Tadaa!

Isn't it briljant?!

Isn't it briljant?!













Thank you so much!

Today I am home, yes in my own home, just for the weekend, let’s say: to recharge for a new week.

And guess what? I got spoiled again…! My friend arranged that the lady from our beauty salon came by to give me a facial!! And I even got a footmassage *smile*. This all worked out very well because the I can do best at the moment is laying down, whahahaha!

It’s nice to have good friends, I am happy about that…

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4 Responses to I got spoiled!

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  2. Paula Bernsen says:

    You are so welcome!

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