Inspiration to the nation

Time for something creative again: When I was browsing through my photo’s I found this. Isn’t it cool? I took the pictures last april in Hong Kong. It really inspired me.

Hongkong street art

Hongkong street art

While traveling, you have so much focus for all the beauty out there. It is such a pity that you loose that when you enter normal-daily-live again. My love for yarn/creating/beads etc started early, and has it’s ups and downs. For example: during my journey through Australia I was many times overwhelmed by the great sceneries and scary wildlife and much more. My live over there was outside, 24h per day.

Huge knitwear

Huge knitwear




To make sure that I could remember all the beauty of the country I wrote a lot, to be more specific: 5 journals in total!! And I took a lot of photo’s…over 7000, whoops, writing it down it looks ridiculous, haha. But I hardly thought about creating something… although… after 5 months when I’ve bought some cotton and made bracelets out of it. On my way to Europe I flew over HongKong-stopover- and Cambodia-holiday with a friend-, and there it was again: my interest in textile, buttons, beads etcetera. And I ran into this:

It’s fascinating how your focus can vary in time and even in places…

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