Blue… I love it!

Those who know me can confirm that Blue is the colour for me. Although I don’t have anything blue in my interior, I just really like the colour. One of my old friends, we know each other since primary school, always teases me if I give her a compliment… and I did it before I realized it’s blue what she is wearing… Growing up I wore a lot of blue clothes, dark blue actually not the light baby blue. Nowadays I’m more a grey/black-ish person but often when it comes to accessories I choose blue. And it’s not just me, I got this blue-virus from my parents (my mother definitely leads the I-have-many-blue-clothes-and-things chart) and both of my sisters are just like me…

So when one of them bought me some cotton for my new hobby, she fell for this bright, strong, clear a-bit-darker-than-baby blue cotton. And I crocheted a scarf out of it, inspired by a scarf of my mum.
And made with the simple stitch of a chain 5. Which I found, in dutch, over here.

Excuse me for the bad lighting in these photo’s … pretty bad haha, a blogpost about blue and the nice scarf looks more grey on the pics… well I don’t have another camera over here… too bad.

Simple scarf

Simple scarf

Nice and blue

Nice and blue

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2 Responses to Blue… I love it!

  1. missfolies says:

    Oh, wat mooi. Dat patroontje ga ik zeker zelf ook eens proberen!

  2. liset says:

    Mooi, mooi mooi! En het blauw dat denk ik er wel bij.. (hihi)
    Je quotes zijn ook erg goed.
    ‘Every day I love you more’. Jij gaat één van de producten uit mijn nieuwe collectie helemaal leuk vinden. Daar komt ‘I think I love you’ op te staan. Je gaat het zien!

    (En wat de Hema betreft. Ik snap helemaal wat je bedoelt! Alleen als echte adhd’er moet ik dan ook kopen dus ik moet er dan ook echt wegblijven. Afgelopen maandag nog.. hup 20 euro. Gaat te makkelijk daar! haha)

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