Nice food

Being in hospitals and now the rehabilitation centre, I haven’t cooked for over four months. That is not the problem, but having-no-choice in what to eat is. Definitely when the quality of the meals is not comparable with home-cooking. Today it’s friday again, and I’m going home for the weekend…and I already start daydreaming about what to eat when I am home….

I think I would like to eat some pasta with Parmesan cheese and

Fresh ground pepper

Fresh ground pepper










Or fresh spring rolls stuffed with veggies, than we need

Rice paper

Rice paper










But I will definitely use my blender, to make a

Fruit shake

Fruit shake













Do you like the pictures? I’ve made them in Cambodia last April!

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One Response to Nice food

  1. Bieb says:

    Great suggestion keri Smith, take this book in the shower with you , hahhhhhhaaaa..
    Thanx for recommending!!

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