That’s the summary of what’s in my head…I am to tired to think…don’t know what to do with my time…to tired to crochet and do other creative handcrafting…so I thought I’d write something.

A couple of you readers really supported me big time last week when I was awaiting for my boyfriend to come over. Thank you all! But you’re probably are a bit curious how our weekend was, right? Well that is simple, in one word GREAT! It was great to see each other, feel each other, be around in my house together, just talk without a computer screen in your face, and of course give each other a kiss every once in a while (and more often than that)!
Because we’re still both not fully recovered it was a weekend like the Dutch will describe: “De lamme geleid de blinde” two nerds in one house complete each other… *hahaha*. I started something and he finished it, a good team we are! One of my friends ordered breakfast that was delivered saturday morning, it was so much that we needed the entire day to eat it all! Very sweet! And I got postcards to wish us a good weekend, a lot of text messages, tweets and even comments over here. Thank you all!
Hopefully we’ll see each other soon somewhere around christmas…

Now I am back at the centre again. That’s ok, it does help me to get better. And last weekend was a big test, I could see for myself that I am improving. By now I shower without any help for example, and I made some preparations for dinner even! But on the other hand I do need more energy and sitting up longer than 20 minutes still sounds like a luxury…

For all the handicraft visitors it is nice to tell you that I am busy with several projects. Over here in the centre we could make a green/flower table piece with Christmas theme. That’s something we used to do in primary school, so when I told my sister she ordered one straight away! I really felt like a florist…and it was actually big fun!
The beads need to be painted still, I am making progress on my jewelry box, and I started to make a christmas decoration for my sister as well. On the crochet side it’s awfully quite at the moment…

So a lot of bla die bla…that was it, see you next time, have a good evening!

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1 Response to Bla-die-bla-die-bla

  1. Daphne says:

    Goed, dat je gemerkt hebt dat het toch steeds beter gaat, ook al gaat het te langzaam.
    Fijn, dat jullie een leuk weekend hebben gehad.

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