Where is the pot with the gold?

Why do I like rainbows so much…?

It’s such an interesting phenomenon… I actually don’t even know what it exactly is … a rainbow. Funny word as well don’t you think? Rain & bow… a bow of rain…no … but also not a bow in the rain, at least most of the times not at the place of where you can see it?

I guess if I remembered in right that it has to do with the reflection of the light on water, sprayed water to be more specific, or falling water even…???

My first memories of these beautiful creations of nature are made by Mister Donald Duck himself, or wait, I guess Mister Dagobert Duck (Scrooge McDuck for my english readers) the rich bastard his famous uncle, out the even-more-famous- comic books. He was always looking for rainbows and following them to the end…to find  a pot filled with gold. And he did find them…the pots with gold!

I can remember sitting in the car with my parents and sisters, when I was little, and we just spotted a rainbow, we begged my father to drive to the end…. Sometimes we were lucky and our direction was pointed to the end of it…. but always, always it suddenly disappeared…the rainbow …. Status: mystery unsolved… Satisfaction: very very low…

But it’s not the only place to spot them….at the road… far away from the end or the beginning. When you get older you’ll get better in spotting them as well or maybe my rainbow-radar is just very well tuned….;-) But you also come to the conclusion that there might not be a pot of gold at the end…

Like here, when you see one IN a field-hockey stadium such an unromantic place to daydream about the fantasy story behind it….and you see the actual start and end of it…

Eurocup Field hockey 2009 @ Amstelveen-NL

Eurocup Field hockey 2009 @ Amstelveen-NL

Eurocup Field hockey 2009 @ Amstelveen-NL

Eurocup Field hockey 2009 @ Amstelveen-NL




















BAM… It makes you realize…it’s just dusted water with a beautiful reflection…

But I still like them those rainbows…. and I will keep on daydreaming… and maybe I’ll even find that pot of gold one day…*smile*

O…and by the way, it’s also a sailboat, quite beautiful one!

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