Funny beads!

Soapy business, that is what it was last week! By now I can sit a bit longer and my visitor and I took the opportunity to create something together…as a team, twenty minutes should be heaps of time! In the morning I already chose a couple of beads and I crocheted a huge one myself, so I was well prepared. This time the crea-bea room was open in the evening, and I know that my visitor likes to create and craft as well….so the plan was all set and I even had faith in a successful result!

So of we went, me in the wheelchair (as the Dutch say: spreid je winkansen!) to safe energy…to the creativity area. We started straight away, no time to chat, no time to negotiate about the colors, just work. We worked as a team, my friend was responsible for the walking-part and the getting-together-all-that-is-necassery and I started to prepare all the funny beads and thread them on the wire.

And voila, we did it! We started and finished the project in 20 minutes…as a team!

See here, a chain with soap! And for the picture we showed an other one that I’ve made earlier too. The typical Dutch one with the clog I’ve sent to Germany as a present.

Thanks team mate, I had fun!

Soapy chains

Soapy chains

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