Last October the crochet virus hit me… I started of with a flower and the granny squares followed right after that. As learning a new hobby goes…I made some mistakes… But I thought, they are not so bad that I have to start over or even throw out my creation…so I kept all of them.

Very first squares

Very first squares

After a while, and some other in-between-projects later, I had enough squares for a cover. Next problem… How to connect them? Luckily I’ve found many option here and here, and even got some very kind help of Hutsefluts! I ended up using the technic ‘as you go’ from this website. It is so great that all these blog owners publish the information, thank you all, it really helped me!!
But of course… I wasn’t finished, because having enough squares that covers the pillow is one thing, connecting them together is an other thing, but after overcoming those two….how to connect the little cover on the pillow itself? Mmmm, a couple of difficulties here, because I can’t use a sewing machine: don’t know how, and laying in bed are two definite no-go’s… Think think think… I ended up using my own brain-wave-technic and it worked! I sewed with white cotton along the edge and crocheted the cover on it! *Little yeah* and a little bit pride here, because the result is really how I hoped! This morning I gave it to one of my dear friends, the colors totally fit in their interior and she shares the funny handcrafting virus with me! She is totally worth to sit next to my very-first-very-hard-made-took-me-forever-crocheted-with-love cushion!



My first crocheted cushion!

My first crocheted cushion!

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5 Responses to Proud!

  1. Eva says:

    Great result!!

  2. Myrthe says:

    Hij is echt mooi geworden!! x

  3. Dorien says:

    Als dit je ‘very-first-very-hard-made-took-me-forever-crocheted-with-love cushion’ is, dan heb je dat absoluut-fantastisch-geweldig-knap-gedaan! Petje af. Als ik denk aan mijn eigen eerste gefrutsel, dat zou ik absoluut niet aan wie dan ook durven tonen.

  4. Daphne says:

    Goed gedaan, en heel slim hoe je het vastmaak-probleem hebt opgelost.

  5. hutsefluts says:

    Ziet er mooi uit! (sorry voor de ontzettend late reactie, ik loop heeeeeeel erg achter met het volgen van alle blogs maar ik loop een beetje in!)

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