My Christmas tree!

Everywhere on twitter and a lot of blogs I see christmas trees. So I thought…maybe a good idea to show mine, as it is not quite traditional.
I found it in a flyer and friend bought it for me. (for all the Dutch readers: it is the VT-wonen christmas spiral) Funny enough I’ve made some tiny things that fit it very well and together with a couple of fabric hearts (purchased not made by me) I am very happy with the result! And it feels good that I don’t have a poor green tree standing in my home without anyone to look at it during the week…. But this weekend and the next two, when I am home I will sure enjoy it very much!

My modern eco friendly xmas tree

My modern and eco friendly xmas tree



With crocheted balls

With crocheted balls

And hand made angels!

Hand made angels!

Hand made star!

Hand made star!

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2 Responses to My Christmas tree!

  1. Jante says:

    Wat een goed alternatief!!!!

  2. Erg leuk! Gaat ook een stuk makkelijker met de lichtjes denk ik πŸ˜‰

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