100% self made

Ok, I have to admit…one thing of being here in the rehabilitation isn’t that bad: the creative therapy. I know it is given to train disabled people their Β functions, for me sitting. But every morning their area is open to everyone, lucky me! And lucky for the girls who manage the place because they have a client there, at least three times a week as often as I feel good enough to go. At one of the first sessions, I could only sit for ten minutes, I could name the things I wanted to do/make/create. And I started to make my very own beads. I don’t mean a piece of jewelry, putting beads on a string, nooooo, I have made the beads , the actual beads, to be more specific: ceramic beads. And a lot of sessions later I am able to sit up for over 30 minutes and I have finished this project!

Step one: Mold the special clay into beads, slightly bigger than you want your final result. Pierce a hole into them and thread them on an iron stick.

Molded clay beads

Molded clay beads

As many as you like

As many as you like*








*or as many as you’ve got time for

And than…you wait…and wait….and wait….
For a whole week to pass by….and the beads to dry
Than the beads are baked in a special ceramic-oven on a super-high temperature
The surprise that you’ll get after the first baking, is this:

They look a bit pale...

They look a bit pale...










But…I already was a little bit happy, because all the beads survived the baking process (which isn’t always the case…)
After choosing the colors, I painted the beads…one by one… In colors that are totally not the same as the result will be…but still I was little bit worries while painting them…

using special glaze paint

Using special glaze paint

I choose 4 colors

I choose 4 colors







And there we go again…we wait and wait and wait…for the paint to dry and the oven to bake… There they were: the 100% self made beads! Watch out….photo spam!

Sea blue/green

Sea blue/green



Silver grey & Coral

Silver grey & Coral







I’m so happy with the result! It was definitely worth the work and the waiting! I have already made a necklace with a couple of them…but I’ll show that later. Now I only have to think of what I’ll make with the rest of them…. Aren’t they nice?!

Last pic: all the beautiful beads!

All the beautiful ceramic beads!

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6 Responses to 100% self made

  1. Eva says:

    Leuke blog!! En mooi resultaat πŸ™‚

  2. missfolies says:

    Wauw, ze zijn inderdaad heel mooi. En die kleuren!

  3. Sanne says:

    Wow, ben weer onder de indruk. Ben benieuwd of de kerstman ook iets mee brengt ;-)?

  4. Sucrette says:

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog today,
    about the cushions: I make a fabric cover for the whole cushion and then I add one crocheted side πŸ™‚

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