I haven’t been posting a lot this week…I’ll catch up next week. Reason for that is: I am doing pretty good and busy with other stuff. Christmas, therapies, my love, going home bla die bla die bla.
But today it’s friday, the day that Blog Hop is starting again, and I would like to share all that beauty with you. And of course I am joining with my 100% self made beads! Enjoy!

So similar to last week:
Already for weeks I am joining the Link your stuff every friday on the beautiful blog of Annemarie, it is so much fun! And from last week on she has something new, Blog Hop! I use her html-code and all the competitors can do that as well on their own site, so you can hop from one blog to an other, how cool is that!? Do you recognize my picture??
Unfortunately WordPress is not supporting this tool so it might look a bit different then you’re used to. Just click the link below.

So here we go!

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