A gift to sit on!

Do you remember the friend for who I made a non-pink-little-girls-poncho? If not, read this.
All good to go? Well my friend also hates plastic children’s accessories, and toys that run on batteries…And although I am not a mother myself I can soooo understand that! I just really love wooden toys and handmade goodies, they are so pure and more beautiful than plastic items.
But now I did something terrible…hihi…because I gave her a plastic mini-chair  for her one-year-old.
Let me tell you the story:

Flower in the middle!

Flower in the middle!

I was so thrilled when I saw the genius cover for it at the blog of Hutsefluts. I am still not very good in reading patterns, but about this one I thought: I can figure this out myself. So when one of my little elves payed a visit to the giant swedish blue-yellow store I immediately ordered one of those stools. In the meantime the thinking went on, because when my version was a green one I decided to use only beige yarn, I thought it needs some spice to it.
And that little brainwave was complete after visiting Angie her blog, where I found the pattern of a beautiful flower.
This week my friend payed me visit so I made sure the project was finished. She actually surprised me  with bringing my very favorite…sushi! So I was happy to surprise her with the stool with it’s crocheted cover! I hope her girls like it and will use it often!

View from above

View from above

The result!

The result!



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5 Responses to A gift to sit on!

  1. Sucrette says:

    OOOOh it is beautiful! The cream color is gorgeous on it!! Love it :):)
    Have a wonderful evening and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  2. hutsefluts says:

    Die is echt wel leuk geworden zeg!

  3. Maaike says:

    Wauw! Hij is echt prachtig geworden! Hele fijne jaarwisseling!

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! echt helemaal leuk!
    Voor nu, het allerbeste voor 2011! Dit wordt jouw volledige herstel jaar!!!

  5. missfolies says:

    Wat een leuk idee, super mooi gedaan! Een fijn 2011 gewenst!

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