Very yummie!

Last week I bumped into a dangerously nice and too yummie recipe. I found it on this website, for the Dutch version go there! I commented her that I thought it would be dangerous…and she agreed haha, but I couldn’t get it out of my head…

So the first moment when I was home I made it together with one of my friends. She arranged the supplies….we should have known better because I was warned…but we made a double portion.

Hutsefluts already mentioned it’s an ancient old recipe from America, I just googled it and you get lots of hits. The official name is Peppermint Bark and Americans have it with christmas.

What you need:
Two bars of dark chocolate
Two bars of white chocolate
A bag of peppermint candy canes

To do:
Crush the peppermint candy.
Break up the dark chocolate into pieces and melt it in the microwave, spread it out on a tray (covered with baking paper) let it cool down (when in a hurry put it in the fridge)
Break up the white chocolate and melt it, spread it out on top of the dark chocolate layer as fast as you can, if not they will mix – not good-
Sprinkle the crushed peppermint candy on top of the chocolate (while the chocolate is still soft).
Once cooled down, break it into pieces and enjoy!

Self made peppermint bark

Home made peppermint bark

I stored mine in the fridge what made it even better! The day after christmas it was all gone!

I used plain white peppermint candy, but even more ‘christmassy’ it is when you use candy canes with the red stripes. These pictures I’ve found on the internet to give you an idea. Good luck and enjoy!

With x-mas candy canes

With x-mas candy canes




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