Another crocheted hat!

The winter is cold and the day of going home comes close…only 9 nights my sister texted me this morning…
When I am home some of the usual things will easily come back into my life. With the accent on some…because going home doesn’t mean I am done-better-finished…unfortunately.

But one of the things that will come back is being outside – I have to go at least three times a week to this rehabilitation centre. And like I said, it is cold outside.

So I made myself a beanie cap, it is nice and warm. But it’s slightly to big, so if you want to buy it, you’re welcome (I’d say it’s a good size for a guy)…!

Beanie cap

Beanie cap

I have made this hat according to this clip on youtube, it’s very clear and easy! I used hook nr 5. And I’ve added two extra rows to the top circle, before continuing downwards. Like I said, than you’ll get a bigger one. Have fun making it!

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