I’m going mental…

on making baby hats! It’s such a rewarding job! The result is fast, cute and keeps the baby warm so also very useful. Last week I’ve made three really standard-normal-straight forward- babyhats so now it was time for something different.

Over here I found a pattern and I was very enchanted when I found it. I think it’s great because it will also cover the baby’s ears. After ordering a big pile of wool for a couple of tube scarfs, I could start directly when it arrived…. Because I planned to make it for a little girl in Germany, I needed to hurry. Finally I finished it in the car on our way there. The size of the pattern says 1-2 years….euhmm I’m clearly not a mother myself because I found it real difficult to judge whether it would fit or not…. And man, was I wrong! The cute little girl is still very cute and little so the hat it too big for her….o well maybe it’ll fit next winter.

Excuse me for the funny pictures, but I was in a car and short for a model…

Detail: vintage buttons

Detail: vintage buttons

Pixie hat

Pixie hat

Side view

Side view

Pixie hat!

Pixie hat!

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One Response to I’m going mental…

  1. Wow, it turned out nice!!! Love it!!!

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