Don’t stare – crochet a square – and help!

As you’ve probably seen I love Australia! After my traveling there last year I got to know the county much better. With pain in my heart I see the current situation when it’s on the news. The place where I’ve camped when it was 45 degrees celsius, is now flooded…! We visited the famous distillery in Bundaberg, like we have the Dutch Beerenburg, the Ozzies have Bundaberg rum….this location is flooded too. I don’t know if the distillery is still there…I hope so because else a lot of Australians aren’t too happy I guess…

Anyway, I found a very happy, cheerful initiative, and it has to do with crocheting. That’s a good combination, doing something that you enjoy   –> for charity –> help out people this way.

Aaah, and I love rainbows….It’s soo obvious i have to join this cause.Listen up if you want to join as well!

Sarah London asks to send her Granny Squares in happy colours, each 5 rounds. Preferably made with hook 4 and 8ply yarn, wool or acrylic is both fine. It would be great when the squares are approximately 4,5 inches or 11,5 cm. She makes the squares according to this pattern.

Don’t hesitate and join, every square helps! You can sign in by sending Sarah an email, check out the details at her website.

After a storm, there always will be a rainbow!

Click this button to find out more!

Click this button to find out more!

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1 Response to Don’t stare – crochet a square – and help!

  1. Gabriella says:

    Hallo Imke,

    ik heb mijn stapels granny klaar om naar Australie sturen maar ik heb nog niet het adres gekregen. Kun je mij het adres geven?
    bijvoorbaat dank

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