Sorting out…

Coming home is all about conquer my own place again. And sorting out stuff! Putting everything back into it’s place and try to de-hospitalize my study (there has been a hospital bed in there). Just get it cozy again. Sorting out my study with the goal that eventually I can sit there when I start working again.

And with sorting out stuff, pens also need a place…and it might as well be a bit stylish, right?! Tonight I’ve tried a new stitch…and it worked right away. It is called the shell-stitch… according to it’s looks obviously. And I used it for a pencilcase!

Two pencil trays

Two pencil trays

Double crochet

Double crochet

Shell stitch

Shell stitch








In the next couple of weeks I am writing my 111th blog post and that one will be a give away! So keep following my website, and sign in for a self-made gift by Creationwest!



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3 Responses to Sorting out…

  1. Looks very nice! Did you also crochet a bottom for the pencilcases?
    And an upcoming Give-away, exciting!! I’ll keep following you ( as usual :))

  2. Ruth Sannes says:

    hi lieve pim, herken de shell-shape, it’s the edge on the girls blankets. shirley said it’s quite tricky. love you. dikke knuffels van de dames en mij

  3. Ik ben benieuwd!!! Ben altijd jaloers op je kunsten… Deze zien er ook weer supermooi uit! πŸ˜€

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