A small disaster…vs a great time

Yesterday I’ve had friends over for dinner. Friends whom I know since my studies *we joined the a student union together*. Friends that I don’t see very often, but who always have a place in my heart. These friends showed up alongside my bed after I’ve had the accident. A weird reason to get in touch again, but yet again such a big prove that they really do have a place in my heart….

It was a memorable evening. It was a new combination of girls, but it worked very well. The evening was filled with laughter, but tears as well, frankly conversations, funny jokes….in combination with nice drinks and good food: it was a perfect evening.

I found it special to see how much we all have grown, we are not girls anymore… but ladies, women with careers and serious goals in life. I found it special to see all these individuals working as a team in MY home to make sure I didn’t do too much. *at one point they were all in my kitchen except for me, haha* I found it special how one evening can be filled with the extreme mixture of happiness and disaster…

The food, that is where the disaster took place…

After the starter, a great main dish followed *sorry no pic, it was gone before I knew it*, than the dessert came….TiramiSOUP….

Vitello tonnato

Vitello tonnato















And the one to blame….haha myself! I forgot to whip the cream before mixing it with the rest. The taste was great though….

Thanks girls for the great evening, it was the highlight of my weekend…I’m now off to bed….I need to catch up some energy and sleep. But it was all worth it!

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2 Responses to A small disaster…vs a great time

  1. Ingrid says:

    Ha Imke,
    Dat klinkt heeeel gezellig. Fijn!
    X Ingrid

  2. Laurien says:

    Klinkt goed lieverd, fijn dat je zo genoten hebt!!xx

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