Humble two…and a half

Remember this charity? Knit or crochet a beanie for the babies in India.
A couple of people pointed it out for me a while ago and I planned to make a couple….but every time when I wanted to make one I didn’t have the right yarn available. Because of the fire-danger in the little huts you were only aloud to use pure wool  or woolmix, and certain colours. Well, many of you readers probably already notice what my favorite colours are….and those are not really suitable for baby beanies….

Anyway, at the very last moment I managed to speed- crochet two hats for this charity! And a half…hahaha. A friend of mine donated me a ball of wool, sock wool to be more specific, it is so thin *and I forgot to take a double thread* so I made a tiny beanie. In the picture it’s totally overruled by the other two, haha!

Via the official website I found this many great pictures, like the one below. But hey, every little bit helps, right?!

Humble 2,5 baby beanies

Humble 2,5 baby beanies



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2 Responses to Humble two…and a half

  1. Clara says:

    Wonderful job and great that you can contribute to such a meaningful cause.

  2. liset says:

    Wauw.. Mooi gedaan!
    En goh, ik wist niet dat jij ook in Leiden woont! Leuk.

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