Warm vs hot and … snow

The last two weeks I was away from home. Traveling when you’re not quite fit, it is a sport on it’s own, but hey…for a good cause: holiday…and even more important SUN…all this together with my love ♥!
So via the (current) hometown of my love I flew, after picking him up, a sushi course and enjoying family time, together to one of the spanish islands. Leaving Holland when the weather forecast was the best so far in 2011 wasn’t probably the smartest thing to do, but fingers crossed…
Arriving at Tenerife, our home-away-from-home for a week, started of with….yep rain…
Optimists as we are we went shopping for thongs and sunscreen to be followed up with a sunny cocktail in the bar… Day two was recovering from the travel and finding our way in the resort. (Note for the readers: who know me, yes I was in a resort…I know….We are totally not the resort-type-of-persons but this was the most suitable holiday for us at the moment, two ‘lame’ rehabilitants) And getting to know our new friends…. We had a big laugh about all our fellow-vacationers, the complete opposite of us. Old wrinkly, over-the-top-wealthy or young couples with new borns and glued-on nannies…etc. It was obvious that it took us a couple of days to get used to the all-inclusive-types, but after a few drinks …we managed.

And from day three on… there it was: SUN!

I stuffed half of my suitcase full with cotton to crochet the most beautiful projects…but I didn’t crochet one stitch! Important was that I could finally find rest. I was so relaxed that I decided to read a book instead. Finally happened what I hoped for since the accident… I was relaxed, relaxed enough to loose myself in a story, dive into the lives of the characters in the book… Although it was hard to focus sometimes, I managed to finish the book, and to enjoy it!

Said all this, I hope that I can spend my upcoming time in the hospital reading as well…It’s so nice to step out of reality for a bit, relax and read!

The rest of our holiday was good. The warmth of the sun made us both feel physically a bit better. Duty-wise we have been doing our rehabilitation training in the resort gym. And touristy-wise we’ve rented a car to drive around the island. Funny enough, ascending the highest mountain of Spain, we’ve found a lot of Spaniards stopping aside of the road…to play with the snow! A great contrast of spring…up in the mountains there was snow…and a day later we laid by the pool in the sun.

Unfortunately the photo’s are on the computer of my love, he is a brilliant photographer, so to be continued…maybe…

Overall we’ve had a blast! Suntanned, energy filled up, ready to rumble…back home again in Holland. Bach home…and back to reality. The first therapies are over again, happy that it’s weekend!

For my crochet readers:

But back from Spain, back in Germany, I did some crocheting. As well for a hot purpose….potholders!
I couldn’t decide on the colours so I’ve made two types, the other half’s are on my to do-list.
The patterns are from DROPS, go here, fairly easy to make. I crocheted them with a double thread to be oven-proof. That was the first time that I’ve crocheted a double thread. The result is nice, but the actually crocheting is better with a single thread. Next time I’ll use thicker cotton again.

Potholder 1

Potholder 1



Potholder 2

Potholder 2









And for all the readers, don’t forget to sign in for the give away! There are no rules, it’s free, just leave a comment over here and you might win one of my creations. Thank you!

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One Response to Warm vs hot and … snow

  1. Ingrid says:

    Ha Imke,
    Welkom thuis! Fijn dat jullie hebben genoten tussen alle ´all inclusive-typjes’ :-).

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