Investigating a sewing machine

At the moment I am doing some investigation…. Trying to sort out what kind of handcrafts there are, and more important, which can I use! Since years I am the proud owner of a sewing machine, but … I have never used it.

But I digged it Β out of it’s box and after a lesson or two of my friend, I thought it was time for my first solo project. Last year I got this great book, all the way from Australia and written by Pip Lincolne from this great blogΒ (definitely worth having a look!), and it has a great pattern in it. Level: easy, duration: less than two hours. So last weekend I had a whole day planned to get this project going….;-) .. and finishing so it turns out :-).

I used some old shirts to recycle, a nice way to enjoy the prints and fabrics again.

So…are you ready? I am proudly presenting the result!

Sewn shoes

Sewn shoes

Sewn shoes with corduroy sole

Sewn shoes with corduroy sole









Pattern: Meet me at Mikes

Pattern: Meet me at Mikes

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5 Responses to Investigating a sewing machine

  1. Aranka says:

    Superleuk Im! Weer wat nieuws ontdekt. Tis dat het er in maat 41 vast niet zo leuk uit ziet, anders had ik gelijk een paartje aangeschaft πŸ˜‰

  2. Esther says:

    Ooooh, wat een snoepies zeg. Erg mooi geworden!

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