Home made jam

A while ago when the summer fruits were at their most attractive ‘buy me’ mode on the market, I’ve made jam out of strawberries. After a visit in Germany, seeing the easy process at the home base of my love, it was time to do it in Holland.

How to make homemade jam

How to make homemade jam

You’ll need:
Sugar (I had special sugar-to-make-jelly-or-jam)
Fresh fruit (I used strawberries, the amount depends on the type of sugar, just read the package) washed and cut into small pieces
Empty jars (cleaned out) and some more kitchen equipment.

Put the cut up fruits in a large cooking pot and squash it until you have strawberry puree – very satisfying part – add the sugar and get the mash to the boil. According to the type of sugar you’ll have to let it slowly boil for a couple of minutes, stir it continuously. In the meantime warm up your jars by putting them in hot water. If you don’t do this you might risk breaking the jars when you poor in the hot jam! When the jam has dissolved all the sugar and it leaves a thick layer on your stirring spoon, it is ready. Use a jug or a funnel to poor the hot jam into your jars.

Jam upside down

Jam upside down

Try to fill them up as full as possible. When you have closed the lid, turn the jars up side down for five minutes. After the five minutes you can turn them right side up again and than wait for the jam to cool down. This home made jam will be best before -six months later- but I am sure you won’t keep them that long! Best kept refrigerated after opening. I labeled mine and gave them away to friends.

Home made jam with home made label

Home made jam with home made label

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2 Responses to Home made jam

  1. Mmmm… lijkt me heerlijk! Juist vandaag kwam ik een kookboek tegen met recepten voor het maken van jam en chutney en wilde ik ermee aan de slag. En nu helemaal! 🙂

  2. Jutta says:

    Hi Imke,
    you did it! Taste the summer when you open the next jar!
    Jutta and Ali

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