More cupcakes…and more blogs!

After a very nice an busy period I hereby promise to write a bit more frequent over here. My life is going like a rollercoaster, ups and downs, but very very fast at the moment. Yes, your conclusion “she is probably doing well”  is (partly) correct. I’m doing much better. And that is thanks to a lot of wonderfull people around me, and luckily many of them have to do with all the festivities that I had over the last past weeks.

A wedding, more new babies, my birthday, the day of the accident – it’s 1 year anniversay- and the second beginning of my own event company!

So many topics to write about, but first some visuals: cupcakes. Because they make me happy, they made the guests of Pepijn his -welcome on this planet-party happy, my birthday guests happy and to congratulate my sister and my brand new sister with their one month wedding-anniversary tomorrow!

Blue and white baby cupcakes!

Blue and white baby cupcakes!

Happy birthday-anniversary-next year!

Happy birthday-anniversary-next year!

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2 Responses to More cupcakes…and more blogs!

  1. Myrthe says:

    Ze zien er weer super lekker uit Im!

  2. atelierullizee says:

    Mmmmmmmm, ziet er mooi en lekker uit!

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