Mini tiny super small baby shoes

Hopping back on to the road of normal life is sometimes bumpy… The roller coaster that I feel like I am in, is great and I am enjoying myself to the max, but it is not always easy. This is actually the feeling from the last days, because I am ill. And pfff I suck at being ill!!

3D printed Cup-of-tea ring

3D printed Cup-of-tea ring

Laying in bed, feeling groggy, food that comes in reverse, and being super-tired again, not my cup of tea!

But I want to focus on the sunny side of life, and wow was it sunny the last few days! What have you been up too? 

-Make me jealous, because I was in bed…-

I can share the good news that my friend her friend gave birth to a baby girl. A while ago the saw the baby shoes that I sewed and she ordered a pair for the baby-in-the-oven because we didn’t know whether the baby would be a he or a she. A girl she is! And these are here brand new shoes!



Different fabrics

Different fabrics

A nice pair!

A nice pair!

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One Response to Mini tiny super small baby shoes

  1. Ruth Sannes says:

    to make you feel better, we are not having the best weather and are a bit stuck inside. we’re doing plenty of crafts. love ruth

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