Crocheted items

Almost a year ago I have started this blog. Back than I wrote a lot about my recovery from the car accident that we’ve had. Due to this I was in bed for months. During that period I learned how to crochet and started to share my work via this blogwebsite. Today I removed my notes from that period. Eyes to the future!
Lately my creations are very divers and not only crocheted anymore. In the near future more changes over here, so keep visiting Creationwest.

For today, a view of my latest crocheted items!

Baby hat

Baby hat

Baby shoes

Baby shoes

Work in progress

Work in progress

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One Response to Crocheted items

  1. Charlotte says:

    wauw wat een mooi dekentje. niet helemaal jouw kleuren denk ik? cadeautje? schattige schoentjes en van zo’n mutsje heb ik er ook een gemaakt. alle andere pogingen gaan tot nu toe bobbelen.. tellen valt me niet mee! x

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