Spice up your shirt

I am definitely entering the phase of life when people have children. A couple of my friends, and a lot of friends of my friends are pregnant or new mums.

I am not / and will not soon be a mother, so for me it just means a lot of baby visits with presents. And sharing cuddles ofcourse. Most of the time I succeed to find something at my favorite HEMA but… I guess everybody does…. So when I have enough times on my hands I try to make something myself! Like this shirt. A plain T from HEMA of organic cotton, some fabric scraps and “vliesofix” (don’t know the english translation for that, but it’s ironpaper that glues fabric together), create your own application and tadaah!

Apple shirt

Apple shirt

Spiced up shirt


Delicious apple

Delicious apple

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One Response to Spice up your shirt

  1. Daphne says:

    Heel erg leuk. Ik ga snel ook een rol kopen.

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