Home sweet home

Things that make your house your home are personal items!
Isn’t it just that weird odd vase that stands out in the magazines? That one, when you look it up in the colophon, where it says: models’ own?
Or are you that kind of person that always has to stop when you are passing the funny photo’s, and you have to look twice?
And that cover of that one cushion with that familiar print….aaah that used to be a blouse, brilliant!

I love personal items.

This week in Home sweet home I show you one of mine. Years and years ago I’ve made it with my grandmother. I have only vague memories off that day, but the result is still alive. And it actually deserves a place in the spotlight on my blog, because it is some sort of knitwear!

A clay mold of a babysweater

A clay mold of a babysweater

In the spotlight

In the spotlight












And that lamp is also home made, you can read more about it in this blogpost.

Home sweet home is initiated by Barbaramama, more participants you can find on her blog.


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2 Responses to Home sweet home

  1. barbara says:

    Wauw, is dat van klein gemaakt??! Wat leuk zeg. Goed idee ook want ik heb hier van beide kinderen nog hun eerste truitje….

    Home sweet home X

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