Home sweet home

I know home sweet home is about your house and living situation, but this post is about a very cosy thing that I like to do in my home….: baking.

The regular blogreaders know that I like to explore new things and try them out as soon as I can, at least when it has my interest! That is how I started baking cupcakes a while ago. Especially the creating new flavors and of course the decoration-part was super to do! Last weekend I took that one step further….and I (together with my love who was home sweet home in Holland for a whole week) we made two birthday cakes.

The scent of sweetness and cake filled up my home for two days!



Puzzle cake

Puzzle cake

Green marzipan cake!

Green marzipan cake!

Flower cake

Flower cake

White base fondant cake

White fondant cake

Tah-dah! Two kids cakes

Tah-dah! Two kids cakes

Home sweet home is initiated by Barbaramama, more participants you can find on her blog.

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3 Responses to Home sweet home

  1. barbara says:

    Ik vind dat zo knap he! De taarten zien er heerlijk uit.

    Home sweet home X

  2. Ruth Sannes says:

    andere website ziet er goed uit, even op deze site een link zetten. liefs ruth

  3. Aranka says:

    Wow! Zo ken ik je weer crea bea!

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