Home sweet home

Often I am away for the weekend, to my parents (they live in the north of Holland) last week I was working abroad, and regularly I am in Germany visiting my love. So mondays are really home sweet home days for me, when I get home after traveling.
Today it’s the 5th of december, a national celebration day for the kids tradition of St. Nicholas over here in the Netherlands. Because I am the youngest, we choose to celebrate Christmas ever since I can remember. So St. Nicholas is nothing more for me than an excuse to eat all the sweets and cookies this feast has to offer!

This weekend I had a lovely time visiting a very big ‘weinachtsmarkt’ the so called Xmas market. Many market stands with handmade traditional Christmas decoration and many food stands. Chocolate coated fruits, sugar roasted nuts, cookie hearts and of course Gluhwein! (warm red wine, heated up with herbs like anice and cloves). You can imagine that I am totally ready for Christmas after seeing all of this!




And now I am back in rainy Holland again. All ready for Xmas… Untill I got home and was surprised! Sinterklaas did visit me! I got a present in my shoe!!! Dank je wel Sinterklaasje :)!!

I’m off drinking coffee out of my new cups and eating pepernoten!

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One Response to Home sweet home

  1. barbara says:

    Jij viert Sinterklaas en Kerstmis in één weekend ;)))

    Home sweet home X

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