Home sweet home- baking

The last few weeks I have been baking a lot. A really nice way to spend your time in and around the house. I do believe that you have to have an audience afterwards…or at least some people to help you eat, otherwise it’s horrible for your diet. The last weeks there were a few of these events where there were plenty of volunteers! For some cakes you can have a look here I’ve made a cool birthday cake (huge, a bit over the top ;-)).

For the baby-shower that I mentioned last week, I’ve used a recipe from www.culy.nl . A great, really great, food website (in Dutch). You can browse it endlessly….so I am warning you, do not have a look when you actually need to go to bed! Before you know it, it’s an hour later!

This time I chose chocolate fudge, easy choice for a group of women right?! Last year I have tried the recipe of Nigella Lawson which is great as well, but this one……WOW it is even better!

A combination with fudge and oreo cookies….very dangerous, go over here for the recipe.

Trust me, it is really yummie, make sure you have people to it share with, otherwise it’s gonna be death by chocolate….;-)

The girls at the baby-shower were happy with my choice. By the end of the party it was all gone!

Oreo fudge

Oreo fudge

A jar full

A jar full

For the girls who organized the event

For the girls who organized the event

It makes a great gift!

It makes a great gift!






Home sweet home is initiated by Barbaramama, more participants you can find on her blog.

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One Response to Home sweet home- baking

  1. Barbara says:

    Oooooh dat ziet er lekker uit!

    Home sweet home X

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