Home sweet home!

Goodmorning to all of you! The sun is shining over here :-).
I am very proud of the project that I’ve made on my sewing machine, so a long home sweet home post with a lot of photos to show you! A very little bit experience, check it here and here and my sewingmachine is just a very simple one from that swedish giant furniture store πŸ˜‰ but taken this all for granted I came up with a plan and worked it out! One of the little members of my love his family turned two this weekend. Over christmas she got a cool type of doll’s house: a farm house! Beautiful wood with even more beautiful little animals to live in it. My love and I got inspired by that (perhaps an unknown wish? Or simply jealous of that cool playhouse?!…;-)) and made a playing rug to go with it. Mmm well, he designed it and I made it.

I was invited by sweet Liset from StudioSOILΒ to dive into her vintage fabric collection, boy o boy what a diamonds she has there! By that time I was so excited about this project that I was also getting nervous about the result….other people were waiting for the result! The blue borders I have made out of old curtain that I still had from my student dorm room, the grass in the middle is green corduroy that I once bought at a market.

I had a deadline so I started:

With a pond and some mushrooms

With a pond and some mushrooms

A small flowergarden

A small flowergarden

And even a water lily and pond side grass

And even a water lily and pond side grass









Did so you see all the great fabrics, thanks again Liset! It was quite hard sometimes to handle the large piece under the light sewing machine. It got stuck many times and there is definitely room for improvement if there is a next time for such a project. I did not iron the flowers on, I directly sew them on the light green corduroy. To get some dept in the picture I’ve made felt leaves and only sew them half on so they stand up a little bit. That same thing I did with the reed, the pont side grass bits.

In the meantime the big thinking part of the process continued…. I wanted to make the rug compact and useful besides the fun-part. At Ikea’s I found a type of plastic fabric, perfect for the foundation. Two fleece blanket were sewn together to get the filling done. Not too easy that fleece….very light but so hard to handle! I thought about it right in time to also sew them together to prevent them from sliding inside the rug or roll up over time… pfff!

Cut them all the right size

Cut them all the right size

Fight with the sewing machine ;-)

Fight with the sewing machine πŸ˜‰

Handle to carry the rug

Handle to carry the rug

Roll it up with the straps

Roll it up with the straps







Some straps and a handle to carry the rug outside were made as well. And after all this fun (with sometimes a little struggle) I came to the final stage of assembling the rug. The right sides together and sew a border around it…..flip it inside out to get the good side up again….and tadaaaaaaa!

Playing rug - with farm house!

Playing rug - with farm house!



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6 Responses to Home sweet home!

  1. Barbara says:

    Dat ziet eruit als een lastig werkje!

    Home sweet home X

    • creationwest says:

      Hoi Maureen wilde een berichtje bij je achterlaten, maar t lukte me niet :-(. “Hoi! Bedankt voor je reactie. En wat heb jij een vrolijke blog! Ook met een prachtige houten speelboerderij, die zou te gek passen op het kleed. En wat zoet die slapende lammetjes….!”

  2. Daphne says:

    Geweldig zeg. Complimenten voor ontwerp en uitvoering.

  3. Golnoosh says:

    I really really like your idea for the farmhouse…the result is realy nice and cute.. I wish I be that little girl..it is so cool πŸ˜€ I could imagine how happy she could be with this gift from you.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hoi! Wat is ie mooi geworden! Het speelkleed past ook perfect bij de boerderij! Wat knap dat je het je is gelukt om er ook nog een mooi tasje van te maken!

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