Crocheted baby blanket

With another baby born it was time for a crochet project again! The mother knew she was having a boy and she knew her wishes for the look of the blanket as well: stylish.

Well that is easy! I chose to make a huge granny sqaure. The result was 70×85 cm so the blanket can be used for in the pram. Because the granny square is not really a compact stitch I decided to make a detachable layer out of fleece. To secure this six buttons were placed to keep it in place. And the color….see for yourself!

Baby blanket

Baby blanket

HEMA buttons

HEMA buttons

Two layers- detachable

Two layers- detachable

Crocheted baby blanket!

Crocheted baby blanket!

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3 Responses to Crocheted baby blanket

  1. maartje says:


  2. missfolies says:

    Supermooi. En wat een goed idee van dat laagje fleece!

  3. Aranka says:

    Wow, lucky bird 🙂 ben ik toch!

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