Farmer girl in the city

It has been a while that I have been writing. But here I am again! In the meantime I have been doing a lot of things, many reasons for my absence. Work (!!) nice things, less nice things, gardening, organizing, baking and crafting. See, those last few will be shown over here soon.
Let’s start with the gardening. Many blogs are filled these days with great gardens and successful gardening. Funny enough I live in the city centre and I can write about this topic too. I have been posting about my square metre garden and lately it got really successful. I have been eating home grown salad with home grown radish! Very yummy and very satisfying!

This I a picture of a couple of weeks ago when I first harvested some green stuff.


But it won’t stop growing! I think it looks really exploded in this photo? I am really enjoying the fresh mint, radish and salad.

20120519-093356.jpg  20120519-093412.jpg  20120519-093430.jpg

Even the herbs are growing great, I am still figuring out what the best way is to dry them, but for now I have cut it to hang it in the kitchen.

I really feel like a farmer girl in the city!

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