Farmer girl in the city sequel!

Now the weather is great over here in Holland I continued the planting. Everything is growing very well and I even started a second run in the small glass(plastic) house in front of my window.
Yesterday I got four plants as a gift, luckily I still have room for them! Thank you! There are two tomato plants and two peppers although we are not sure what kind of peppers, I guess we just wait and see. Before going to work today I have planted them in my humble city garden. Two in the m2 garden and two in my new pots.
Grow little plants grow!


20120530-102449.jpg   20120530-102455.jpg   20120530-102504.jpg

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One Response to Farmer girl in the city sequel!

  1. Charlotte says:

    Wauw! Jouw tuintje ziet er vruchtbaar en vol uit!
    Bij mij staan de plantjes uit de vensterbank allemaal nog maar net buiten. Ik durfde niet zo goed..
    Ach, binnen staat het ook best gezellig

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