Home sweet home – sewing weekend

After browsing of Pinterest over and over again it was time to actually make something, on the sewing machine this time. Using a great, easy tutorial my choice was a small make-up bag. My goal of this project was to practice sewing with zippers.

After an hour or so I was finished with my first one. Super proud I took a photo and sent it to my sisters. They shared my enthusiasm (yeah!) and asked me to make one right away! Of course, no problem! She picked out the fabrics and a nice contrasting zipper, and Β an hour later the little bag had a duplicate.

Believe it or not, but while I was making that second bag my other sister came to ask me if I could make one for her as well…of course!

And for those who know me personally know I have a total of three sisters (two real ones and one got married into our family) and by the end of the day the third sister ordered another two (!!). Β Making the last one only took me 35 minutes πŸ™‚

Watch and enjoy!

Line up of make-up bags

Line up of make-up bags

Contrasting zippers

Contrasting zippers

All different linings

All different linings

Click on the photo to enlarge

Click on the photo to enlarge

Make-up bag

Make-up bag












Go to my Pinterest to find the tutorial on my pinboard: Tutorials, or visit the great blog of Sayyestohoboken for the pattern.

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4 Responses to Home sweet home – sewing weekend

  1. This is on my list of things to make very soon . . . thank you for the inspiration! πŸ™‚

    • creationwest says:

      Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog and find your inspiration. I had a quick browse on your blog: great! I will be back soon to read a bit more. Have fun sewing, let me now when you have made one?!

  2. Ruth Sannes says:

    if i were a make up girl i would want one too. antastic. xxx

  3. soil*liset says:

    Geweldig mooi!!!!!!!

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