I am back… and I have a lot to show!

Dear readers, I am back!

Hopefully you will be back soon too ;-). The last few months my family and I had an awful period, unfortunately the scars and pain are still here but I am back to write again. I would like to focus on the beauty of the world and share that here with you!

Of and on I have been crafting so for sure I will show that here. But I also made a great trip to Iceland and New York, photography will be a new topic on this blog, I enjoy it so much!

Anyway, let’s start with some color, some crochet, the original craft that was shown here on Creationwest!

I crocheted a kids scarf for a little girl. Her mum, a good friend of mine, chose the colors. Hopefully I’ll finish the second scarf for the big sister soon, so both of the girls are ready before winter when the cold kicks in here in Holland. The yarn is Drops Paris, crocheted with nr 4,5, granny stripes with a double borders of single crochet.

Girls scarf

Girls scarf

Bright and earthy colors

Bright and earthy colors



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2 Responses to I am back… and I have a lot to show!

  1. Karin says:

    Wat fijn, dat je er weer bent.
    De sjaal is leuk geworden!

  2. Annemarie says:

    Wat goed dat je er weer bent! Ik vroeg me laatst al af waarom het zo stil was rond jou. Fijn om te zien dat je weer aan de haak bent. Heel veel sterkte en ik kijk uit naar je foto’s (gave reis!!) en je creaties.
    Groetjes, Annemarie

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