Little kids, little shoes

One of my friends is joyfully expecting her second baby soon. I’m definitely in the phase that there are a lot of babies born! When her first was born I’ve made my very first project on my seeing machine, little shoes. Her firstborn, a son, grew and grew and before she knew it he didn’t fit the shoes anymore…he never worn them :-). We decided to give the shoes to another newborn, and with that action I promised to make her firstborn a new pair.
Finally I did that! And her son has turn 1 last July…he can walk by now. So the little shoes have to be non slippery on the soles. On the fabric market in Leiden I found a piece of (how we call it) skai-leather (fake) perfect for this project.
This week I met up with my friend, her leave-of-work started, so plenty of time to sew again. And that resulted in two (!!!) pairs of little shoes. One, with a sturdy sole, for her son and one pair for the baby who is expected half of December!


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