Baby presents

Hooray, another baby is born! A German baby she is. I like to buy gifts for little ones at HEMA, my all time favorite store. For a lot of things but definitely for baby stuff. But the mum of this newborn girl is loving homemade things so I figured she will like a self sewed nappy bag. I used the pattern as I mentioned before. It’s pretty easy and after cutting all the right pieces the assembling isn’t taking long. At Pinterest I see so many sewn baby gifts passing by, I wanted to try something new. Using an old (never used because of the company name stitched in) towel and a scrap of the retro fabric I quickly made a burp cloth. When you are a little lady, you better burp in style right?

By the way I bought the fabric at Ikea, the dress I made out of it will be shown here soon!
And the little baby got lucky because I also bought some clothes at HEMA!



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2 Responses to Baby presents

  1. maartje says:

    Ja dat gaat vast snel als je geen biaisband gebruikt! haha
    Ziet er weer leuk uit! xx

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