Photo: a glance on Reykjavik – Iceland

I already promised you some photos that I’ve made during my latest travels. Because photography is something that I do more and more, and like even more, I made a new category for it. In the menu horizontally under the header, look right, before the cupcakes you can find the photos all together.

The end of September my love and I jumped in a plane to visit Iceland. One of the countries that was on both of our wish lists for a while. Icelandair is offering really good deals so it was time to use one. My love is a very talented photographer, and as Iceland seems to be very photogenic he preferred to go on a photo tour, simply so there is time enough for taking that technical-shot, a whole series of shots and because the tour guide knows where to be when the lights is the best. I have to admit, before we started dating I was more the click-and- ✓ kinda photographer….so I had to think about that photo tour for a second. The fact that I was offered to use his second camera and to receive some private lessons before take off to Iceland convinced me easily, the photo tour it was!

We started off we a day in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. This was one of our first glances to the city. From out of the beautiful Harpa Opera house in the harbour. Photos of the photo tour will follow later…. Happy weekend!

Harpa Opera House ~ Reykjavik - Iceland

Harpa Opera House ~ Reykjavik – Iceland

Harpa Opera House ~ Reykjavik - Iceland

A glance on the city of Reykjavik from inside Harpa Opera House ~Iceland

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One Response to Photo: a glance on Reykjavik – Iceland

  1. allesistgut says:

    Great photo. And this building is awesome. I visited it in summer. Great architecture.

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