Baby bib

During the holidays I thought it was a perfect moment to try something new on my sewing machine. I have still so much to learn (maybe taken lessons is a better idea) and I try to teach myself how to sew by reading tutorials on the Internet and I just wing it.
In the process of learning I wanted to try and sew binding in a baby blanket. I bought really awesome fabric, at least I think it’s awesome :-), you’ll find it here later, so I have to do it right the first time, this fabric can’t be wasted…. Clever enough I came up with a test project. A bib it was going to be, I would test how to use binding.
After finding a good tutorial via Pinterest, shopped my supplies, I gave it a shot. And it was really easy! To be honest, I didn’t expect any trouble making the binding, more when using it. But using the binding turned out to be easy peasy! Just use the zipper foot of your sewing machine and it will pretty much run the fabric through it for you.
The least easy bit were the quite sharp corners…but I guess this was just the not-so-clever-part of choosing a small bib as a test project, the blanket will not have sharp corners anyway.
So the test project ended up pretty good. I tried an application again (it was a test project remember!) and used Velcro for the closure. After a short shopping spree to get additional supplies for the baby blanket I found closing snappers so I decided to replace the Velcro by a snapper. Again a learning moment, but it worked out! I will use them more often because it looks very nice (often better than Velcro I think) , it’s super useful and so on and so on.
Time to show you the result of the test project. The new owner her dad said, you should open a shop online, ha I’ll take that as a compliment!



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One Response to Baby bib

  1. Te lief! Nu ben ik heel benieuwd welke tutorial je hebt gevonden om dat mooie paspel binding te gebruiken. Want zo ziet het er zo mooi af uit! Erg mooi gedaan πŸ™‚

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