Snow meets wales, boy hats for warm ears

For Christmas we asked the mailman to help Santa a bit. Presents for dear friends and family. My love and I spend our holidays at his home in southern Germany, and we have family in Holland, North Germany and friends all over Europe and even the world! This parcel needed to go to Austria.
Two little boys live there and I made warm hats for them!
I found a great pattern (even in German, that was a good practice) and even a greater fabric with wales on it! Together with warm white teddy fabric the hats were born.
The pattern was made with fabric where the print on it wasn’t very important but I wanted my wales to swim above the boys their faces so it was a bit of a puzzle. After making one hat I search a bit further on the Internet, even received tips from Holland, a friend of mine made an exact same hat for her son but used a different pattern… The brown one ended up without a front sewing line, better I think.
I loved working with the teddy! The washing of it was horrible, it looked like it snowed inside! But because I use a very simple -really, trust me, ver simple- sewingmachine every new technic or new type of fabric is a bit of a challenge. But teddy fabric turns out to be very light and easy when you sew it!
Thanks mailman for bringing our gifts to Pucking!




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