Count your blessings

Today I count my blessings, inspired by Zilverblauw, a beautiful blog!



My new boat lamp * a x-mas gift from the sweetest santa I know*
it finally got a place in my home, and I love it!
(Saily table lamp by Pagani Perversi for SKITSCH.
Table lamp made of DuPont Nomex® (fire resistant materials of the firemen)



These drawings are made in 1977 and are used in a sewingbook for babyclothes.
My mother showed it to me, she has made several patterns for me and my sisters, years and years ago. I love the drawings, although they are old, I think they are very hip!
Soon I will try to sew a pattern from this book.
(slab is the dutch word for bib)

Owl vs Tulip

Owl vs Tulip

My Owl *gifted by other very sweet santa’s* also finally found her home,
next to a Dutch Tulip!
(the owl is a doorstop/bookend from the brand Züny, they have a great selection of animals!)

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